Sagar Vasnani

I am a full stack Product Manager with experience shipping digital products used by millions.

I have a background in engineering, product design, and business, so Iโ€™m well-versed in all aspects of product development.

Explore my success stories below and feel free to connect.

In the Press

IU News: How an IU student's meditation app boomed with downloads during the pandemic

When Sagar Vasnani explored the meditation apps that were available five years ago, he noticed something about them that missed the mark. Many...

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The Economic Times: Indian Meditation Mental Wellness apps are finding Global Takers

A number of Indian meditation apps are increasingly finding global takers, particularly after the Covid-19 outbreak. Apps such as Letโ€™s Meditate, Wysa...

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Innovate Indiana: IU startup Let's Meditate, founded by Sagar Vasnani, incubating at the Shoebox

Sagar Vasnani, a masterโ€™s student in the human-computer interaction program from Mumbai, India, founded Let's Meditate. Its client base seeks...

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